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SEE IT: Massive Gator Casually Strolls Across Fairway At Florida Country Club

ESTERO (CBSMiami) -- A large alligator gatecrashed a game of golf at a Florida country club recently. It's just the latest sighting of a giant gator caught on camera.

Video from Lisa Reed shows the over 10-foot massive reptile venturing over the fairway at Stoneybrook Golf Club in Estero, where Reed was golfing with fellow members of the American Singles Golf Association on April 16.

Huge Gator Casually Strolls Across Fairway at Florida Golf Club by Storyful Viral on YouTube

"So this is a first, my goodness," Reed said on the video. "OK, he's going for the ball! Look it, look it! Oh my goodness," an excited Reed is heard saying in the video.

The gator got pretty close to the ball on the fairway, but kept moving, and the group was able to play on.

Co-existing with alligators is part of life in Florida, especially during mating season when gators are just looking for love. It's this time of year when alligators are much more active and often lead to more frequent run-in with humans.

FWC reminds the public that alligators should be left alone. State law prohibits killing, harassing, or possessing alligators except under permit. You should never remove one from its natural habitat.

If you're concerned about an alligator larger than 4 feet in your area and believe it poses a threat to people, pets or property, FWC says to call its Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (844-392-4286).



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