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Kraft Mac & Cheese Mixing Up Classic Formula

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Kraft is rolling out its new option for their classic macaroni and cheese – one without yellow food dye. But why?

The latest numbers show Kraft Mac & Cheese sales are down 3 percent and organic mac and cheese sales, like Annie's, are up 3 percent.

Even with the slight shift, Kraft is still dominating. And to keep it that way they are focusing on the organic market.

The first step was working on preservatives and yellow dye number five.

"A lot of the research has linked it to hyperactivity in children," said nutritionist Angelique Johnson.

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Johnson says the concern for parents is that the new spices, meant primarily for color, would change the flavor.

"If it was too much different flavor I don't think they would like it," said mother Sarah Rivera.

So CBS4 put it to the test.

The standard Kraft Mac & Cheese elbow pasta is the same as it's always been – yellow dye and all.

The new options, without the dye, have character shaped lines but with paprika and other spices.

How did the comparison go with the kids?

"Taste the same," said Addie.

"They taste different," said Hannah.

But what about the moms?

"You know I don't see a massive difference I prefer that one," said Sally Kirkwood.

Sally Kirkwood prefers the new option without the dye and Sarah Rivera agrees. Rivera's daughter, Emma, doesn't seem to notice a difference, "I think it's close enough I see her eating both bowls."

If a product in Europe contains yellow dye number five a warning label needs to be on the box so Kraft has taken it out of all its macaroni and cheese. In the US, you get the option.

"I think they should do this. We all want a healthier option," said Dacia Weigandt, a mother.

CBS4 reached out to Kraft but they had not responded by the time the story aired.

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