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Family Attorney Releases Video Showing Final Moments Of Jarvis Randall's Life Before He Was Shot By BSO Deputies

TAMARAC (CBSMiami) – For the first time, we're seeing the final moments of Jarvis Randall's life before he was shot by BSO deputies while inside a mental health facility.

He was at University Hospital in Tamarac in December of 2018.

"I was completely blown away, completely blown away," said Jarvis' mom, Angela Randall. "I never even thought that this could happen to him in a facility like this."

Angela encouraged him to get help for psychiatric issues after his release from prison. Initially, he was on an involuntary hold. Then his attorneys say he was voluntarily continuing treatment. Angela said on the day he died he was trying to leave to go to his father's funeral.

"My hope was for him to get treatment and seek counseling so he could be a functioning adult," Angela said.

The family attorney released video from inside the facility. They told CBS4 they synced the video to show both views of the hallway where it happened. The top shows the area where Jarvis was, the bottom shows the position of BSO deputies on the other side of a closed door. It begins when we see Jarvis break a ceiling light and pick up a piece of, what attorneys say, is plastic from the light fixture.

"Probably as sharp as a plastic knife or a plastic fork. Certainly not a deadly weapon in my opinion," said family attorney Michael Bernstein.

In a news release from BSO in December of 2018, it said when the call came in, "They described him as violent and said he was threatening to harm other people with a weapon. Investigators said he was armed with an edged-glass weapon."

Nearly a half hour into the video we see Randall running away. Seconds later deputies push open the door.  There's no audio, so we can't hear what anyone is saying. Then we see Randall running toward the officers. It looks like there's something in his hand, then we see the puffs of smoke. Attorneys say it appears BSO shot bean bags, missing Randall, then opened fire.

"He attempted to run away when they opened the door and fired the bean bags, they could have closed the door, they could have tased him," said attorney Bakari Sellers.

In 2018, BSO said they used bean bags initially, but it did not work saying, "…the less-lethal alternative did not stop him from charging at the deputies."

The original report gives very little information, only saying, "The incident resulted with the subject being shot and killed."

"At no point did Jarvis put anyone in danger," Sellers said.  "If anyone was in danger, the Broward County Sheriff's Department put themselves in danger. All they had to do was step behind the door and close it. I want to remind you he's on the other side of the door."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating their case, they sent their information to the Broward State Attorney's office for review.  Neither agency is commenting.

Sheriff Gregory Tony released a lengthy statement:

"I understand that any loss of human life is tragic. It leaves a hole in the hearts of family members and loved ones. I also know that no law enforcement officer ever wants to be in a situation where they are forced to take a life. However, on December 1, 2018, inside a behavioral health facility in Tamarac, Broward Sheriff's Office deputies were confronted with a violent individual armed with a sharp-edged weapon in each hand who was threatening to harm himself and other people in the facility. 

"When BSO deputies arrived, they spent considerable time trying to de-escalate the situation by reasoning with the man, Jarvis Randall, and attempting to talk to him and calm him despite his repeated aggressive and threatening behavior. Unfortunately, those efforts to de-escalate did not work. Deputies further attempted to de-escalate the situation by using less lethal force but that did not stop Mr. Randall from charging at deputies with his weapon. Ultimately, to protect their lives and the lives of others inside the facility, deputies were forced to respond with deadly force.

"After the shooting, a BSO helicopter transported Mr. Randall to Broward Health North, where he was pronounced deceased.

"As is standard procedure in these cases, the deputies involved were placed on restricted assignment following the shooting and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement immediately began an investigation into the incident. The FDLE investigation was completed and turned over to the Broward State Attorney's Office for review in June 2019, where the investigation remains. While the Broward State Attorney's Office review proceeds, the BSO Internal Affairs investigation into the use of force is paused.

"Although this incident occurred during a previous administration, I want to assure this community that BSO has been as transparent as possible during this process. We released details of the shooting to the media and public within hours of the incident and have cooperated fully with the FDLE investigation; however, there are details that we are not allowed to publicly divulge in order to allow outside investigators to do their jobs and conduct a comprehensive review of this incident. Once those investigations are complete, BSO will conduct its own IA investigation and will make those findings public, once completed.

"Finally, I know that the family of Jarvis Randall has questions and is grieving the loss of their loved one. This is a tragic situation that no one wants to see occur. No words will assuage their pain, and I sincerely hope that this process can bring them the answers and peace they deserve."

The deputies who fired their weapons were returned to full duty in late December 2018, following an administrative review of the incident. Again, the internal affairs investigation into the incident is paused while the State Attorney's Office review of the incident continues.

We reached out to University Hospital for comment, we have not heard back.

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