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Issa Asad Explains Lifeline Benefit For The Disabled

Having a disability impacts many areas of the affected person's life. It may be difficult to attain a higher level of education or find and keep a high-paying job, and may add extra expenses for home and vehicle modifications or healthcare costs.

Issa Asad, CEO of Q Link Wireless in Dania Florida, an approved provider of the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program, says that many households that include family members with disabilities, making ends meet is an ongoing struggle.

Asad states that the physical, financial and emotional challenges of living with a disability often result in difficult financial decisions. Those with disabilities may be forced to choose between healthcare, food, and transportation needs. They are also faced with rising costs for vital landline or cell phone service. Many simply choose to live without either type of service, which adds yet another layer of difficulty to their daily lives.

Fortunately, there is a program which at least removes this one barrier to access - the Lifeline Assistance Program. Lifeline provides free or low-cost landlines, cell phones and monthly minutes to families in need of financial help through approved providers such as Q Link Wireless. Issa Asad outlines some of the many ways Lifeline can provide support for disabled people:

  • Access Additional Support Services: As technology rapidly evolves, many of the support services which the disabled population might need are turning to advanced telephone communications. If a disabled person is receiving food stamp (or SNAP) benefits, for example, they can use the Lifeline service to check on their balance and make more efficient trips to the grocery store.
  • Improve Transportation Coordination: Many disabled people rely on specialized transportation services such as wheelchair vans or handicap accessible buses. This may require using a telephone to arrange services, check routes, or schedule a pick-up.
  • Arrange Medical Care: People with disabilities often require increased levels of medical care, but imagine trying to achieve that with no telephone. Not only do they need to contact doctors, pharmacies, therapists, and mobility specialists, they also need to arrange transportation to access each of these services.

Only one subscription benefit per household is allowed, but the vital contact capability Lifeline provides makes it well worth investigating for people with a disability, senior citizens, and any low-income or single-parent household. Disabled people interested in learning more about the Lifeline program can get more information about Florida-based Q Link Wireless by visiting their website or calling Q Link toll-free at 1-855-754-6543.

Above content provided by Issa Asad CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in Dania, Florida.


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