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'House Calls With Dr. Phil' Premieres Wednesday Night On CBS4: 'I've Always Had This Dream Of Going Where They Live'

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Dr. Phil McGraw, TV's most famous and well-known mental health professional, is now making house calls, literally.

The host of the number one daytime talk show that bears his name is leaving his studio and going primetime traveling across the country, visiting families in need of his help, with a one-hour show Wednesday night called "House Calls with Dr. Phil."

McGraw will work with each family as they attempt to break through various emotional barriers with the hope of truly changing their lives for the better.

"I've always had this dream of going where they live, being in their home environment because that's where the drama goes down. That's where all the triggers are. That's where all the things happen and I get to see them in their natural habitat," Dr. Phil told CBS4's Lisa Petrillo

Lisa and Dr. Phil interview
CBS4's Lisa Petrillo talks to Dr. Phil McGraw about his new special "House Calls With Dr. Phil" (CBS4)

Only one family member has reached out to Dr. Phil. So, no one knows what's really going on. They think they are auditioning for a reality show about families.

"This is a key point. When we say cut and that red light goes off on the camera our cameras don't stop rolling.  I want to know what they say, what they do, how they interact when they think no one is working and nobody's listening, because that's when you see what's really going on," he explained.

Dr. Phil says there's no better time than now, especially during a pandemic, to launch this new show.

"I really believe in each of these families, that we've been in, had we not gone in and done some of the interventions and work we did, may well have fragmented and spun off into different directions.  So, it's really been great timing with the launch of" House Calls with Dr. Phil." I've been really proud of what we've done," he explained.

"House Calls with Dr. Phil" premieres Wednesday night at 9pm on CBS4.


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