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Happy Homecoming At MIA For S. Florida Military Members

MIAMI (CBS4) - A sweet homecoming for some South Florida military members, back home after a tour of duty in the Middle East.

The group of about one dozen U.S. Air Force members were away for six months and the feeling of being home is indescribable.

"I'm speechless," said Sgt. Jose Gonzalez who is a firefighter with the Air Force. "It hasn't hit me yet, I guess I've got to get home eat some Cuban food then it will probably kick in."

Family made signs and brought balloons, excited their loved ones are safe. Miami-Dade firefighters also welcomed the group back by lining fire trucks along the tarmac as the plane landed.

"It's an honor because  even though I'm a firefighter from the U.S. Air Force and they are firefighters from Miami-Dade, at the end of the day we both have same mission," said Sgt. Gonzalez.

"That was amazing," said staff Sgt Travis Smith from South Miami. I wasn't expecting any of that so just to know that someone was waiting on me aside from my family made me feel pretty good."

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