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Half a million dollars worth of jewelry stolen from Hollywood shop

Hollywood jewelry store out hundreds of thousands of dollars
Hollywood jewelry store out hundreds of thousands of dollars 01:39

HOLLYWOOD - It only took a matter of moments for a group of crafty crooks to break into Mint Jewelers by Boo Daddy Diamonds early Saturday morning, snatching more than $500,000 worth of jewels.

"5:09 they walked in my shop, 5:13 they were out. Like literally four minutes, you know, they took over a half a million dollars' worth of jewelry" said Christopher, the owner of the shop.

Christopher has been a jeweler for 22 years and he says in his entire career nothing like this has ever happened.

"It's heart breaking, you know? Thieves are like the lowest of the low, like they're scumbag people, you know?"

Christopher said the burglars broke in through the roof, used an electronic device to disable the alarm and were able to drop down into the showroom.

What the thieves didn't know - was that Christopher had a hidden Ring camera behind one of the counters, capturing a clear picture of one of the suspects.

Though he's out hundreds of thousands of dollars, Christopher says it's only a matter of time until they're busted.

"CSI was there, we were there for about six hours, we got fingerprints, we got DNA, we got your picture - we got everything. We're going to find you," said Christopher.

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