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New Frost Science Exhibition Explores The 'Power Of Science'

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It's all about the "Power of Science" at the Frost Science in Downtown Miami.

It's the name of the new permanent exhibition debuting this holiday weekend.

This groundbreaking 6,000-square-foot indoor exhibition explores how science pushes the boundaries of possibility as guests learn about the research and discoveries by scientists.

"The Power of Science really explores the frontiers and the cutting edge of what's happening in science today," said Angela Colbert Night, VP of Education at Frost. "So we explored four frontiers. We explore our oceans, our environment, our universe and our bodies. We are in partnership with University of Miami researchers and other research experts and we were able to showcase some of the most amazing research that's going on right now here in Miami and throughout the world."

Those four frontiers include:

  1. The Oceans: "This explores all of the ocean depths from surface currents in the research done on them all the way to deep ocean reef research using underwater ROV's," Colbert explained.
  2. The Environment (Interactive): "We are looking at what we can do in order to help against natural disasters. So whether that's creating infrastructure and how that's done, so that's a combination of natural and man-made components or even how we can communicate risks for hurricanes, which is a huge importance here in Florida," Colbert explained.
  3. The Universe: "So what we're looking at here is diving into things, as what is dark matter or what are humans are doing in space? And, with all the research being done with Mars, we will ask where we are going to next in Mars and in space," she said.
  4. Our Bodies: "We are exploring how technologies can help us as we get older and what has been done in order to understand ourselves and our bodies better. Also we see how you can use animals such as zebra fish actually to better understand our own genetic makeup and what that means for diseases in the future," Colbert said.

She said strict sanitary guidelines will be enforced throughout the museum in light of the current pandemic.

"So all guests must wear a mask from ages 2 or above. You will undergo a thermal screening upon entering the museum as well as we ask that all guests maintain social distancing. We have also increased our cleaning so we're cleaning all the time to help keep everyone safe," Colbert said.

The Power of Science exhibition kicks at Frost Science on July 3rd and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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