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[Fried] Bird Is The Word In Lee Schrager's New Book

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) - As founder of the South Beach Wine and Food festival, you might think Lee Schrager is all about fancy food but Schrager is a self-proclaimed fried chicken connoisseur. There's actually not a breaded breast he doesn't love.

"I  never get tired of fried chicken," said Schrager. "Everyone asks 'aren't you tired of fried chicken' and I'm  not. Give me a piece of fried chicken and I'm happy."

So Schrager took his passion for poultry and put it to paper creating his new book "Fried and True-More than 50 Recipes for Americas Best Fried Chicken and Sides."

"Fried chicken, like burgers, like pizza, is an iconic comfort food and with Memorial Day right around the  corner, I think it was perfect timing to put out this book" he said.

So CBS4's Lisa Petrillo decided to put Lee's professional taste buds to the test, to see if he really is brainy about these fried birds.

Petrillo presented four platies of fried chicken from four kitchens:  Popeyes, Publix, Joe's Stone Crab, and Yardbird Kitchen and Bar.

Almost immediately Schrager took a shot at guessing which fried chicken was from where.

"I would venture to say by looking at it, and seeing the coloring, I  would have to say that's Popeyes Chicken on  the end," Schrager said pointing to the last plate.

But he was getting ahead of himself. He needed to taste, not just look. Petrillo offered him the plates.

Plate number one, "I'm going to tell you if there was a biscuit next to it, I'd swear its Yardbird. I know it's Yardbird."

He was correct.

Chicken number 2 he had no doubts about,"I know this fried chicken better than I know my zip code, This is from Joe's Stone Crab. There is no question," he said.

Correct again.

Chicken number three was obvious to Schrager as well,"I'm positive this is Publix fried chicken." he said biting into the breast.

And Publix fried chicken it was.

Finally, it's the skin that identifies that last plate for him.

"It's  fast food, you can tell the difference in the oil. It's  spicy. It has to be its Popeyes" he said.

Schrager had all four correct. There's no doubt about, it Lee Schrager is king of the chicken coop!

"When you have eaten as much chicken as I have, you know the chicken and you can identify  certain things about each brand," he said.

"Fried and True" is now out in bookstores.

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