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Fit Friday: Miami Trainer Is Targeting The Curves

MIAMI (CBS4) - Janik Brisbane uses Miami as his own personal gym. Bleachers, benches, fields, wherever he can get his clients in shape. Brisbane is a personal trainer, but there's thousands of trainers in South Florida helping others lose weight and get fit.

"I realized there were so many trainers out there I needed to be different," Brisbane said.

So why are we highlighting Janik's training method?

"What I try to do is help people, rather than train people," said Brisbane.

First, he loves the ladies and all their curves.

"Down here I specialize with women with curves most women want to lose weight but they don't want to lose their feminine figure I would say," Brisbane said.

And he loves Miami and all it's curves and climate.

"Rather than going to a gym and it be boring we bring it outside and it actually makes it tougher," said Brisbane. "We have the sweat the hot sun coming down on you and you have that outdoor experience."

And finally, Janik uses different and dynamic movements and equipment to get results in his clients. He uses resistance bands. He also incorporates plastic plates that glide over the grass and make you work for your abs.

Janik trains at parks but he's all over the magic city. Janik goes to Brickell Key, and Key Biscayne to workout. And of course he also does a typical gym workout as well. But being outside and using your surroundings are what makes his technique unique.

"It's really cool, we just come out here, and free style, use our outdoor surroundings, and go with the flow."

You can learn more about Janik and his workouts by clicking here.


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