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Dudeoir Photography Becomes New Rage In Romance

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There's a new trend in boudoir photography that's quickly becoming the new rage in romance. This time it's the man who is in the spotlight.

Lindsay Lohan has done it. Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt have all disrobed and put on sultry faces for their boudoir photo shoots.

But a recent Instagram post by singer Jessica Simpson has changed the typically sexy and seductive photography of women to include her husband.

It's a new form of sexy photos called dudeoir.

"Boudoir photography specializes in beautiful portraits of a woman and dudeoir are beautiful portraits of a man or dude," explained Natalie Licini, a boudoir photographer at Je Revele Studio.

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The trend is catching on among men.

"I would love to give my girlfriend something cool for valentines," said Austin Schwab. So he is giving her a unique kind of photograph and he wanted it to capture something special.

"Giving that look like, when my girlfriend looks at the picture she's like, that's my man, that's mine," said Schwab.

Licini says she's seeing more and more men looking for the dudeoir treatment.

"Dudeoir photography is not necessarily about being shirtless or nude. For us, a very classic timeless portrait could be a man in a 3 piece suit."

But like boudoir photography, it's all about capturing something more intimate.

"We do start with more clothing and then we start to unveil layer by layer," said Licini.

"We're crossing gender lines in terms of fashion and behavior so really it was just a question of time before men would start giving these photos to their partners," said clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg. She says men are starting to understand it doesn't always have to be the woman as a symbol for sexy.

"Stepping out of a role can be fun and it can also be healthy," said Greenberg.

That was a goal for Marisol Saber when she scheduled a boudoir photography session for herself.

"It was very empowering. I was so happy with how this experience was and that kind of led to doing it for my husband," said Saber.

She scheduled a dudeoir shoot for him to commemorate his 50th birthday.

But for men who may be drawn to "less is more" in a photograph of women, Saber says she has a different preference.

"I love him in a suit and tie. It is very sexy."

Photographers say in addition to Valentine's Day, dudeoir photography is also popular as a first anniversary gift.

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