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Coral Springs private school adminstrator accused of sexual misconduct

Coral Springs private school adminstrator accused of sexual misconduct
Coral Springs private school adminstrator accused of sexual misconduct 02:17

FORT LAUDERDALE - A principal of a private school in Coral Springs has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Tracy Smith, 43, faces a charge of soliciting or engaging in sexual conduct by an authority figure for reportedly inappropriately touching a student.

A Circuit Judge on Tuesday found probable cause for the charge in this case and Smith was released on $25,000 bond and ordered to have no contact with the victim and not return to the school property.

Smith was the Head of School at the Xceed Preparatory Academy at 3301 N University Drive.

According to her arrest report, the student requested help with his studies last October and began studying and taking tests in her office. 

The student reportedly told investigators that he began to talk about family issues and she would tell him about her personal issues. He said they grew close on a personal level and he viewed her more like a mother figure.

The student said when Smith began to touch him, he regarded them as comforting at first.

The student and Smith reportedly began to touch each other during the study sessions.

The teen said the longer it went on he became uncomfortable with the situation and stopped.

According to the arrest report, the student told investigators that the relationship between the two of them had begun to affect his education and he felt Smith was no longer there to guide him through school. 

He also reportedly said the amount of attention she was paying to him was negatively impacting the school, which made him feel guilty.

Brian Bieber, an attorney representing the school, said Smith was with Xceed for almost three years. She has since been terminated.

Bieber told CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench, "Everyone at the school was shocked and surprised by the allegations. No one had any inclination this was going on if it was. She's been terminated. That happened immediately after her arrest. That happened yesterday right in front of the school."

Bieber was asked if there might be any other victims.

Bieber said, "We have absolutely no information that there is anyone else making claims similar to this." 

Bieber also said earlier in a statement, "The school and its staff will cooperate with law enforcement in every way possible. A safe learning environment is paramount at XCEED - with no exceptions."

D'Oench also asked a Coral Springs police spokesman if he thought there might be other victims and he said he was not sure because this case was so new.

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