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CBS4's Steve Goldstein Looks At What's Next For The Miami Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS - It was a wild, surprising Monday for Dolphins fans.

The day after the season finale, with a win over New England to finish at 9-8 for the season, owner Stephen Ross fired coach Brian Flores.

Surprising? Yes? Completely stunning? No.

Ross cited communication and the way the organization functioned as reasons for the firing. So it seems it went beyond football, thus whether you think the team is on the right track or not, becomes irrelevant to the reality of the person in charge.

It is impossible for anyone not in the facility and interacting with all of the people involved, to make an educated evaluation. Now, some may feel that should be irrelevant and the only things that should matter are the wins and losses. That's a legitimate opinion but one not shared, again, by the person in charge.

The facts are, while the team was competitive and never quit, it didn't win the big games, Buffalo last year and Tennessee this season, with the playoffs on the line.

Flores did a lot of good in his three years. There was room for improvement but that's always the case with a coach, especially one that's on his first job. Flores has admitted as much.

Where do the Dolphins go from here?

The job is a desirable one because coaches want to win. Most teams looking for a new coach are doing so because the team is bad. The Dolphins have had two straight winning seasons, have a top 10 defense, a superstar wide receiver, and the most cap space in the league.

One would think the team has made its decision on the quarterback position. If the team is all in on Tua Tagovailoa they will hire an offensive coach to work with him. It would certainly seem the Dolphins will be very interested in who the new head coach will hire on his staff.

This team has many pieces in place. The right hire, a second consecutive good draft, smart spending, and the right decision at quarterback are the elements needed for a team that's finished one win short of the playoffs the last two seasons.

The offseason has started with fireworks and the intrigue will surely continue.

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