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CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy Profile: Christopher Columbus WR Xzavier Henderson

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – High school football doesn't begin on Friday nights when the lights come on.

It doesn't begin when the ball is snapped. It starts months earlier, in the weight room and between the cones.

Four star wide receiver Xzavier Henderson from Christopher Columbus high school knows all about hard work.

"The season definitely doesn't begin in August," said Henderson. "It begins now. It actually started back in June."

It's no surprise that Henderson has such a strong work ethic. His brother CJ came through the same Christopher Columbus High program and is now regarded as one of the top defensive backs in the country playing for the University of Florida.

While Henderson certainly looks up to his brother, he is quick to point out that his goal isn't just to follow in CJ's footsteps.

"I wouldn't say following his footsteps," said Henderson. "I'm actually walking alongside his footsteps. I'm building my own path with him. Yeah, I want to be as great as him but I want to be better."

That kind of mentality mixed with the sweat he puts in during practice and in the gym has paid dividends on the field.

Not to mention he's 6-foot-3 and a state champion in track.

Henderson's impressive credentials have him catching more than just touchdown passes, but some 25 college scholarship offers. That list includes a who's who of top programs knocking on his door.

"Throughout the season and in the spring it's been crazy," he said. "I've been getting calls from coach [Nick] Saban, coach Dabo [Swinney], coach Dan Mullen. Yeah, I've been getting calls all over."

Despite all that attention he still loves the competition, whether it's trying to improve his footwork or taking on some teammates in a sprint.

"A lot of guys think they're faster than me on the team, so I got a show them," Henderson said.

It's a mindset he says comes from his coaches.

The intensity will soon heat up on the field and as signing day approaches.

And for those wondering, he'll make his announcement January 4th at the Army All American Game.

But until then, he wants to bring Columbus High School its first ever state championship in football.

"Breaking that curse," said Henderson. "I feel like Columbus never been, never will, that's what everybody says. I feel like we can make it happen this year."

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