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Rapper, entrepreneur Rick Ross spends day in Miami Gardens, giving back to community

Rapper Rick Ross is giving back to the community
Rapper Rick Ross is giving back to the community 02:58

MIAMI GARDENS - Rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross spent the day in Miami Gardens giving back to high school kids who sat in the same seats he once did.

His first stop was at Miami Norland Senior High School before making his way to his alma mater Miami Carol City where he played football.

He gave the kids $200,000 from his new clothing line partnership called "Threat."

Ross says it's important for him that kids see success so they know they can do it too.

He adds, "Once you realize this is something you can touch. This is something you can achieve, this something you can accomplish your belief goes through the roof, your confidence goes through the roof your drive goes through the roof."

This was just another way Rick Ross is giving back to his community. It's something he's done in the past.

Ross is not shy about his success. He even refers to himself as 'the boss.'

But there's another side to the rapper. His business portfolio also includes restaurants like Wing Stop and Rally's. An alcohol and rose line. Now a partnership with denim brand "Thrt."

And in between all these hustles, there's his passion for giving back.

Ross believes "giving back to your community is always a cool thing."

In August of 2022, he helped give away haircuts, shoes and back-to-school supplies to area kids at Betty T. Ferguson Park. In March, we watched him pull cash out of his pockets and give to students from Miami Carol City and Miami Norland high schools.

Community is where the now Star Island resident's heart is. He says it's tied to his blessings. "You determine how big of a boss you are by how many people you bless. Know what I mean. So let's have a good time."

Ross says giving is also how he receives. It helps him rejuvenate. It frees his mind to balance work while enjoying the fruits of his labor. Most he displays on his social media pages. His point is to say if he can do it. Then so can you. "You go so hard sometimes you don't even give yourself time to enjoy it because I love what I do so I don't even consider it hard work because I look forward to going to the studio me sitting down with a young creative producer with a dream who I believe in. To me, that's the real."

Ross has never forgotten where he comes from. Carol City, now a part of Miami Gardens, is who he is and you see it all over his music videos. It's what someone poured into him giving him the confidence to make it. It's a debt he owes to the future. To do the same for someone else.

Ross says, "It's always important to that generation behind us that's constantly watching and see that we're paving. Somebody paved a way for us so now we have to continue to pave away for our children."

Ross is in the middle of remodeling his brand-new home.

His next hustle isn't far away.

He says now is the best time to be creative and is looking forward to working with the next big producer.

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