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Car Slams Into Miramar House After Driver Bails Out To Avoid Gunfire, Leaving Homeowner 'Freaked Out'

MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) – Surveillance video from late Saturday night captured when a car struck Yolanda Palicios' Miramar home.

"I heard a bang against the window and then I saw a light gleaming," she said.

Palicios was home alone last night when she said her dog's barking alerted her that a car was on her front lawn. At first she thought it was her son, so she ran outside.

"I come running out because my son has a black SUV," she said. "It was a car and I thought someone was in it so I called 911 and I opened the car and there was no one in the car."

Police say a man was being followed by a black car. Once the victim realized he was being followed, he turned his vehicle around to follow that car.  That's when police say two people came out of the car and started shooting at the victim's vehicle.

"There was casings of a bullet," Palicios said.

The victim then got out of his car while it was still running – that's when it struck Palicios' home.

"I was very, very nervous. I'm a nurse and being a nurse my first instinct was to go see if someone was in the car," Palicios said. "Then my neighbors tell me they were shooting and I was so freaked out because it could've been me who got shot."

No one in the home was hurt and the driver of the car was not injured either.

Neighbors say when they heard the gunshots they were scared and shocked because this never happens in this area.

"This has never happened in this neighborhood ever. This is the first time this happened."

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