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App Allows Users To Get Paid Watching TV

MIAMI (CBS4) - It may look like Sean and his son Charlie are simply watching TV. But they're also being paid.

"It's cool to earn rewards for watching TV," the duo agreed.

You've heard of Pay-Per-View. Well, this is more like "get paid to view."

"You're watching TV. You have your smart phone with you and Viggle and marry the two together," they explained.

Here's how Viggle works. You download the free Viggle App. You hold up your smart phone or iPad and Viggle registers whatever program you're watching.

"Viggle is able to identify the show you're watching and it logs you in and you get points for that."

Viggles Jason Reindorp explained the rest.

"You have loyalty programs for flying on planes or renting cars, but think of all the time you spend watching TV. Why shouldn't you get rewarded for that?" asked Reindorp.

The points then earn you gift cards to Starbucks, fast food restaurants, department stores, movie tickets or you can elect to donate your points to a favorite charity.

Recently Viggle users earned points for watching the Super Bowl. Last night they accrued points for tuning into the Grammys.

The list of shows which reward you for your couch potato status seems endless.

"What we are able to see, is patterns in the way people are checking into shows. All of this really helps advertisers target to specific individuals," explained Reindorp.

The obvious question, is the violation of viewers' privacy.

"We are super, super focused that no personal information is gathered in any way,"
said Reindorph.

"Do you worry about it being an invasion of privacy?" we asked.

"No, not until you asked me that question," Reindorp said. "I guess they'll have my preference if I want to buy a Starbucks gift card or a Target gift card. But I'm comfortable with that."

Charlie is hoping Viggle lets him wiggle into getting to watch more television.

"What will you say when your 11-year old says, 'Dad I want to watch TV and make some money'" we asked Sean

"I'll say, 'why don't you go shovel snow and make money instead,'" replied Sean.

When you accrue enough points, you select which gift card you want, and Viggle sends it to you in the mail. Not bad for simply watching a little TV.

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