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Alleged Accomplice In Toxic Tush Case Appears In Court

MIAMI – (CBSMiami) – One of the two men charged with using cement and fix-a-flat to cosmetically enhance the buttocks of several people in the South Florida transsexual community made an appearance in court Monday.

Corey Eubank, 40, is charged with two counts of practicing medicine without a license and entered a not guilty plea through his attorney.

ONeal Morris 1
(Source: CBS4) Oneal Morris bonds out of jail on Monday, Nov. 28, 2011.

The main defendant in the case Ron Oneal Morris, who faces similar charges, was not present, however, his attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

After his arraignment, Eubank admitted to having had a cosmetic enhancement procedure done on his own buttocks. He said the only material used was mineral oil.

"If you want to get your stuff enhanced by someone that you know that's your choice and everybody's choice is a choice and should be responsible for their choice and I don't have anything to do with any of this choice and I'm arrested now for someone else's choice," Eubank said. "To my knowledge the underground doctors never use fix-a-flat or cement. It makes no sense. Everybody does their own thing. I can't answer the questions for the doctors, but everybody does their own thing. I can't tell you what someone uses. But I'm sure fix-a-flat, cement is a joke."

Eubank's attorney Jim Lewis echoed the same sentiments. Lewis said Eubank did nothing wrong and hopes the charges against him will be dropped.

"We've heard of cement and fix-a-flat injected into peoples' buttocks. We simply think it was mineral oil, which apparently has become a common procedure here in South Florida for people to have their buttocks cosmetically enhanced with mineral oil," Lewis said.

On November 18th, Morris, of Miami Gardens, was arrested and bonded out. Morris was arrested again on November 23rd when another victim made a similar complaint. Eubank, 40, of Hollywood, also was arrested on November 23rd. Both are free on bail while awaiting trial.

Two of the victims have spoken publicly about their experience including Shaquanda Brown who told her story to Dr. Phil about the botched cosmetic surgery she says she received at the hands of Oneal Morris. Brown said she thought she was receiving a silicone injection, however, state and local officials say Morris used cement, fix-a-flat and mineral oil and superglue.

Rajee Narinesingh
Rajee Narinesingh (Source: CBS4)

Another victim Rajee Narinesingh told CBS4 News last month that she underwent a back room procedure by Morris more than two years ago. Narinesingh said she is under the care of a licensed cosmetic surgeon who is still trying to fix what Morris allegedly did to her.

"I had to end up going to surgery, to get me even to this point," Narinesingh said as she pointed to the lumpy disfigurements on her face she still is trying to have reversed.

Narinesingh, a man who lives as a woman, said she did not have the money to pay a licensed plastic surgeon to enhance her features and went to Morris after learning of her by "word of mouth" in the transsexual community.

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