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Where To Play Beach Volleyball In Southern California

Whether you're a novice or an experienced volleyball player, playing this great sport on the beach is great fun. With the myriad of beaches in Southern California, there are plenty of places to take up this sport, hone your skills professionally, or play a friendly and casual game with the sun on your shoulders.
manhattan beach volleyball
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Manhattan Beach

Sure, Manhattan Beach is home to the annual Manhattan Beach Open featuring the most elite players (otherwise known as the AVP Beach Tournament), but if you want to play a game, this is a great beach to set up a net. With a lively atmosphere, you'll quickly get onlookers rooting on your game or practice. Visitors can also take classes through the Parks and Recreation department. There are classes for youth to learn the fundamentals of volleyball while having fun, those for teens, as well as adult classes. Learn more through the city of Manhattan Beach.

hermosa beach volleyball
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Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach takes their volleyball pretty seriously. If you want to get one of their tournament-grade volleyball courts in a prime spot on the beach, make sure to get to this popular beach before 9 a.m. on the weekends. But, if you're looking for a friendly game, or for those who are beginners, head to the southern part of the beach.

santa monica beach volleybsall
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Sorrento Beach

Sorrento Beach is technically part of Santa Monica Beach. In fact, it is the northernmost beach in Santa Monica State Beach. To get here, park in the lot on PCH at Montana Avenue and take the pedestrian overpass. Since the 1950's, Sorrento Beach has been famous for its row of beach volleyball courts. It's a big gathering place for all types of volleyball players, including beginners all the way to the most advanced teams.

huntington beach
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Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach

This wide sandy public beach in Huntington Beach referred to as Sunset Beach is located about two blocks west of PCH between Anderson Street and Warner Avenue. The beach offers several volleyball courts on the sand available to use free. Play a game with friends, or try to join a pickup game.

long beach volleybsall
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Long Beach

If you're looking for some great places to practice, play a full game, or just watch, Long Beach offers some of the best volleyball courts on the sand to choose from. Several beaches offer volleyball courts, including Belmont Shore Beach and Alamitos Beach.

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