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Tennis Official Accused Of Murdering Her Husband Makes Bail

LYNWOOD ( — Lois Goodman, the professional tennis official accused of murdering her 80-year-old husband in April, posted bail Sunday.

The 70-year-old is accused of killing Alan Goodman with a coffee mug.

Last week a judge reduced her bail from $1 million to $500,000.

Friends and family raised the money through donations to a defense fund.

Pro Tennis Ref Husband
(credit: DMV)

"She is healthy, she is alive. She spent 13 days in custody. God-willing she will never see the inside of jail again. We thank you for being here. We thank you for the attention. We particularly want to thank Mrs. Goodman's supporters, family, and friends – all of the people who have given so much so that her release could be possible today," Goodman's Attorney Richard Sheahen said.

Although most murder suspects are not usually granted bail, the judge took into consideration Goodman's age, lack of criminal record and her ties to the community.

Goodman was arrested last month in Queens, New York as she was preparing to referee tennis matches at the US Open.

LAPD detectives believe Goodman murdered her husband of 50 years by shattering a coffee mug into his skull.

Prosecutors say Goodman may have been involved with another man at the time of the murder. Emails indicating an online relationship have been found.

Goodman is required to wear an electronic monitor.


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