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Pasadena police release bodycam footage from deadly shooting

Body camera footage released by the Pasadena Police Department shows the moments leading up to when officers opened fire on an armed pursuit suspect

The deadly encounter unfolded on April 13 after an officer found a car parked car facing the wrong direction on the one-way Hudson Avenue near Del Mar Boulevard. The officer asked 36-year-old Ricardo Guade Andrade for his driver's license, but he did not have one. At the same time, another officer arrived to assist.

Officers ran a records check on Andrade, revealing he did not have a driver's license. When police asked Andrade to exit the car, he started to drive off, nearly hitting one of them.

Andrade then led police on a brief pursuit before violently crashing into a family's Tesla parking in the driveway of their home on Arden Road. He ditched the totaled pickup truck and ran into the neighborhood.

Pasadena police said the suspect broke into two homes while trying to get away. At the first home, in the 900 block of Oak Knoll Circle, the suspect broke through the front window and started to rummage through the homeowners' belongings, hoping to find a car key. The homeowners hid in their bedroom closets until the suspect left and police arrived. 

After, Andrade allegedly broke into another home in the 700 block of Oak Knoll Circle. He broke through the rear door as the homeowners ran out the front toward an officer parked outside. 

Police then crafted a plan to arrest Andrade using a K9 while a helicopter tracked his movements from above. 

The K9 attacked Andrade while he retrieved a Sig Sauer handgun. He started to scream in agony as the K9 dug its teeth into him while officers inched toward him. 

They shouted commands at him, ordering him to raise his hands since they were unsure if he had a gun on him at the time. Andrade said he was going to shoot himself. 

Shortly after, police spotted the gun and opened fire. The body camera footage shared by Pasadena police was obscured and did not show if Andrade raised the firearm at officers. 

He died in the backyard. No officers were injured.

Investigators found Andrade's firearm with a spent cartridge inside the chamber. It's unclear if he fired the handgun during the incident. 

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