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Orange County Firefighters, Paramedics Receive Moderna Vaccine

IRVINE (CBSLA) -- More than 100 firefighters and paramedics received the Moderna coronavirus vaccine Saturday morning.

The Orange County Fire Authority set up popup tents in Irvine to give staff the vaccine.

"These are the men and women on the frontlines," said Chief Brian Fennessy with the O.C.F.A. "These are the people truly making the first contact with COVID-19 patients."

Healthcare workers said many of the patients they have seen in the ICU tested positive for COVID-19 after attending private gatherings for Thanksgiving.

Experts worry that after Christmas there will be another surge in coronavirus cases, similar to the spike seen after Thanksgiving.

"The surge has increased exponentially so to see so many firefighters and paramedics getting the vaccine makes me very happy," added Chief Fennessy.

The 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine, like the Pfizer vaccine, must be given in two doses, so firefighters and paramedics will not have full immunity for about a month.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health is discouraging people from gathering for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day to prevent an increase in cases.

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