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Dramatic Picture Captures Aliso Viejo Home On Fire After Lightning Strike

ALISO VIEJO (CBSLA) -- A Southern California home caught on fire after being struck by lightning in Thursday night's wild weather.

"There was a clash of thunder. You could feel it was right over us," said neighbor Kim Allen-Morris.

When thunder and lightning woke up Kim Allen-Morris on Thursday, she ran to her backyard to look. That's when she saw the dramatic scene from across the street where her neighbors' house exploded into flames. Allen-Morris shot cellphone video before firefighters arrived.

Within seconds of watching it, it just doubled in size. It doubled so quickly," Allen-Morris said. "I felt so bad for the family because you saw the mom and the kids walking out there and you're helpless. There's nothing you can do. And it went so fast."

Luckily, the family of five was not hurt in the house fire.

The Orange County Fire Authority says they responded to several storm-related calls on Thursday night in the O.C.

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