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Huntington Beach Police Looking For Suspect In Possible Hate Crime

HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Police are investigating a possible hate crime in Huntington Beach, where a black family's apartment window was smashed by a rock.

Elisha Caballero said a man on a bicycle saw her kids in the window, yelled out threats and a racial slur then threw a large rock through their window in the 6400 block of Warner Avenue early Tuesday.

"I heard him say: 'I'm going to kill you n, with the n-word," Caballero said. "I was terrified. It was horrible. We still have glass everywhere. This has just been a horrible experience for us."

Caballero said the rock landed in the same spot her young son was sitting. "We were just scared. We were really scared because it could have been a bomb."

The mother said she believed she and her family were targeted because of the color of their skin. "We haven't bothered anyone. We have not done anything. And for him to say those words that we know that it was done out of hate," she said.

She is teaching her sons the opposite of hate: love and forgiveness.

"I just want him to know that we forgive him even if we don't agree, even if we don't feel the same way towards each other. We just need to respect one another," Caballero added.

The vandal is still on the loose.

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