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Experts concerned crumbling coast line in San Clemente could be caused by train system

Increased beach erosion heightening concerns for experts in Orange County
Increased beach erosion heightening concerns for experts in Orange County 01:48

Local experts have continued to express concerns about the increased rate of erosion along the coasts in Southern California, adding constantly operating train systems to the list of factors they see as an issue. 

After a rare tropical storm made its way through the area, bringing heavy rains and high tide to the Southland in early September, experts took note of a considerable amount of erosion that occurred

As the coast continues to crumble away at a quick rate, they're looking at the train system as a source for concern. The railroad tracks experienced movement due to Tropical Storm Kay. 

"Subsequent waves and various tides have adjusted it," said , who called back to Sept. 2021, when heavy rain caused Metrolink and Amtrak services to halt for weeks as crews conducted erosion repairs. 

An Amtrak passenger captured jarring footage from the time, as waves crashed up onto the train tracks, prompting crews to begin transporting large boulders to block the tracks from incoming tides. 

Officials are concerned that these erosion repairs may again be necessary as the circumstances appear to be repeating.

"The waves have been coming in pretty hard, this year and last," said Barry Pierce, who lives in San Clemente. 

As of now, trains heading through the area are under a mandatory "slow order," requiring them to travel at no more than 10 miles per hour for a mile long stretch past Trestles Beach. 

While crews expect to finish placing the large rocks in the near future, there was no indication as to when the slow order would be halted.

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