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Father Who Built 'Bike-Chair' For Son With Cerebral Palsy Becomes Internet's Dad Of The Year

Catriel Jara being pedaled in a "bike-chair" made by his dad David. (SOURCE: Camila Jara/Facebook)
Catriel Jara being pedaled in a "bike-chair" made by his dad David. (SOURCE: Camila Jara/Facebook)

STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) — A father in Argentina has become an online hero after making his disabled son a gift that allows the boy to experience a joy most people probably take for granted.

The daughter of David Jara of the Argentine city of San Pedro, about 100 miles outside Buenos Aires, posted a brief, 20-second video of her father and brother Catriel on a makeshift bicisilla — or "bike-chair" — as some have called it.

The combination tandem bicycle and wheelchair was a labor of love for David, a blacksmith whose son suffers from cerebral palsy, Argentine news outlet Todo Juyjuy reported late last month.

Translated, the caption on Camila Jara's video reads, "I want to share with you what my father David Jara made for my brother Catriel so he can ride around on a bicycle with us since he isn't able to walk[.] This provides movement to stimulate his legs[.] I am very happy and very proud of him."

Catriel can be seen in the video with a giant smile across his face as his father pedals behind him. Catriel's legs also move along with pedals that seem to be operated by a gear below the seat.

Camila shared a post by Argentine TV personality Marcelo Tinelli, who put up a video of his own on his Facebook page. The caption reads, "When you ask yourself what happiness is... this is one of the answers."

In an interview with Argentine media outlet TLN this week, Jara said his "little idea" germinated after he saw a similar machine for sale in the town of Tucumán. It cost a bit too much, Jara said, so he decided to construct the bike himself. It took him a week, working night and day, to finish it.

Jara said the hardest part was figuring Catriel's pedals, but he was successful. "I was able to make it, and I was happy seeing how he moves his little legs," Jara said, appearing to get emotional.

"I'm very happy he can enjoy his bicycle, and we all go for a spin every day," Jara said.

The video has been viewed nearly 7.5 million times, and the original post has been shared over 146,000 times.


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