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'Why Don't You Shut Up': Tense Moments At Modesto City Hall Over Police Reform

MODESTO (CBS13) -  A tense exchange unfolded at Modesto City Hall with shouting, name-calling and one group even telling another to "shut up" and leave. The heated argument all centered around police reform.

"It creates a very stressful, chaotic environment and it's quite disruptive," Modesto Mayor Sue Zwahlen told CBS13.

At this week's city council meeting, members of the Proud Boys accused the city council of forming a committee on police reform with only far-left organizations that are anti-police.

"The left has created this atmosphere to promote hatred for police," said Sean Adam K. with C.V. Patriots.

"No, not at all," said Zwahlen. "Help us create an environment in our community where people do feel like they're safe and people thrive. And that is what we have in Modesto, but we can always do better."

The mayor says the committee, which is part of the council's Forward Together initiative, aims to improve community-police relations. It comes after then-officer Joseph Lamantia, who has since been fired, shot and killed 29-year-old Trevor Seever, who was unarmed back in December. Seever's mother also spoke out amid the chaos at the council meeting.

"I'm appalled and honestly disgusted on the comments I heard the last council meeting from a violent, far-right fascist group supporting and rallying for a serial killer cop that killed my son," said Darlene Ruiz.

Members of the public can apply to be part of the Forward Together workgroup. The committee is then expected to start meeting in late July.

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