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Roommate Hopeful Stevante Clark Gets Help After Arrest

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police arrested Stevante Clark Thursday morning on a series of charges, including felony assault. He's being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail's psychiatric unit.

His roommate Alex Rouska called the police earlier this week after he says Clark made several threats against him and his wife.

In a jailhouse interview with CBS13, Stevante denied the allegations of assault.

"I've never touched anybody in my life," he said.

But Rouska says the threats began Saturday.

"He threatened to rape her," Rouska explained. "He literally got down right here and made eye contact with my wife in the kitchen and was like, 'you're done.'"

That was five days before he came home to find that Clark had destroyed most of his possessions.

"All this stuff is my stuff," he said looking at items strewn throughout the home.

The floor is littered with nails and broken glass.

"That's my TV facedown on the ground when I cam in here," he said.

Stevante is the older brother of Stephon Clark, who was shot and killed by Sacramento Police last month.

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"This stuff with his brother broke him," Rouska told CBS13. "He's broken and it's not his fault that he's broken and somebody needs to help fix that boy."

Rouska and his wife Samantha say they met Clark four months ago when he moved into their spare bedroom. They described him as a perfectly fine tenant who paid rent on time and had no issues.

"He kept it quiet," Rouska said.

But the roommate the couple knew wasn't the person they saw last weekend when Rouska says Clark made the first threat.

"He had never threatened us before," Rouska explained. "That's how I know he's sick!"

He told CBS13 he called the police multiple times and he was advised to leave the home for a few days. Neighbors witnessed some of the commotion while Rouska was away. They told CBS13 Clark was running up and down the block shouting profanities and threatening several neighbors on Wednesday.

Jose Mendoza lives across the street. He considers Clark a friend and says he tried to get him to call down during his meltdown.

"Everything will be fine, man," he said to Clark. "You just got to go get treatment and want it!"

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The chaos continued overnight as Clark pounded on trash cans and blared loud music in the streets. Things came to a head on Thursday morning.

"He ran from where he was living to a neighbor's yard, hopped their fence and then the cops broke the gate and hopped the fence as well and that's how they got him!" Mendoza described.

Rouska says he's enraged just looking at what's left of his home. But even in the midst of the damage, he still has compassion for Clark.

"I am not trying to villainize that boy," Rouska said. "He needs help! It just sucks because this is my life!"

Rouska says his landlord learned about the damage today and evicted Clark, Rouska, and his wife. Now, the couple is fundraising to replace their broken belongings and find a new place to live.


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