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Park Officials Urge Social Distance As Temperatures Heat Up This Weekend

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) — A hot weekend is on the horizon, and people are expected to seek relief from the heat and quarantine on the rivers, trails and golf courses.

This is prompting warnings from local park rangers and the governor himself. They hope if you chose to venture out, that you treat the beach like you would the grocery store right now.

"It is kind of hard to not want to go outside," said Carlos Berrios, who was out fishing.

Governor Newsom warned people Friday during his press conference that coronavirus is still here and we still need to fight strong.

"The temptation is higher, we are going to want to experience our natural beauty. Again, consider the impact of those decisions not only on yourselves but the rest of the state," he said during his daily address.

Sacramento County Park Rangers are asking people to avoid party boats and tying boats together. Rangers are taking an education-first approach to enforcement.

"We're certainly not trying nitpick anybody. We want people to exercise their freedoms. We realize people are frustrated right now. People are looking to get outdoors and walk," said Wade Derby, Chief Ranger for Sacramento County.

The need for social distance extends to the bike trails, parks and golf courses.

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All of these are open in most counties, with the understanding that people will stay six feet apart, wash their hands, and venture out only with people from their household.

"Our concern right now is to heal America. And if we don't pull together as one, we're not," said Deon Moore, who was out fishing.

The hope is that people can satisfy their desire for some freedom, while respecting what health experts are asking

"Well number one I got my mask and I've got my gloves. Just not being around other people not touching other people's stuff," Morse said.

Social distancing is not the only concern. The water in local rivers is very cold right now, with temperatures in the 50s. You run the risk of getting hypothermia and shock to your system if you're in the water too long.

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