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Parenting And Working From Home? You're Not Alone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parenting and working from home is the new reality for many, but balancing the two can be challenging and draining.

David Kenny is one of tens of thousands of parents now working from home. He's balancing being a father while also managing his IT job.

"I've had times where the kid needs something and work needs something at the same time, or work will need two things the kid needs two things at the same time," he said.

He admits the past few days have been interesting.

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"For example today I started lunch and it was on the stove and I was working, talking to my work, talking to the kid, forgot about it and I burnt lunch," he said.

Ana Santaolalla is a licensed marriage and family therapist helping people find a sense of normalcy.

"This is all a new lifestyle for us we are adapting to all these changes and it's really challenging, but we are really trying to focus what's positive and what we can control," she explained.

She encourages people to develop a routine and staying active.

"First thing in the morning, or late morning is fine too, but getting some movement in is really important for mental health," she said.

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She also recommends taking a break.

"Just making sure that everyone in the family is taking time to do that for themselves," she explained.

Kenny's daughters like drawing and going outside.

"We are trying to get out and walk at least once a day," he said.

His one tip for parents working from home is to take your lunch break.

"Yeah, don't walk away from the stove and try to do three things at once," he said.

While we are supposed to be physically isolating, the therapist says it doesn't mean you should mentally or emotionally isolate. She encourages people to maintain connections with family are friends.

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