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Video Of Paraplegic Man Tased By Fairfield Police In 2018 Resurfaces

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Video is resurfacing showing a paraplegic man being tased by an officer in Fairfield.

The incident happened back in 2018 while officers were responding to a call on North Texas near Pacific Avenue.

In the video, you can hear the man, Jacob Bonczyk, and a woman who was in the car with him telling police he is paralyzed while police are ordering him to put his hands behind his head.

Bonczyk is paralyzed from the chest down. In the video, he is seen being pulled from the car and then tased.

"I wouldn't know even how to put it, you know, do I call them when I need help? Do I not cause we needed help and they ended up tasing me and yanking me out the car?" said Bonczyk.

"Also in the video, you see the wheelchair is clearly visible in the backseat, so I think it just does not hold up to scrutiny," said Mark W. Kelsey, Bonczyk's Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney.

Bonczyk was arrested at the time for resisting arrest but the charges were later dropped.

He is suing the officers involved.

Fairfield police say at the time, the incident was formally investigated by the department and couldn't comment further due to civil litigation.

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