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'Destroyed Everything': Couple Says Thief Tore Open Christmas Presents During Home Burglary

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (CBS Local) -- A Virginia couple says a thief tore open Christmas presents and stole guns and electronics after breaking into their house on Monday.

Kathi and Ricky Gent said they were shocked to see what the burglar did to the inside of their Chesapeake home, but they're grateful that no one was hurt.

"He took all of our firearms and he took two laptops and rummaged through everything in the house," Kathi told CBS affiliate WTKR.

"Just destroyed everything, took everything out," said Ricky. "If it was a box, it was open."

The presents were for their grandchildren and some of the guns belonged to Kathi's father. They said they wanted to pass them down to the kids.

Security videos from neighbors show a person parked in an SUV outside the couple's house on Monday morning. The person is seen walking towards the door. He goes out of camera but is heard knocking.

The person then gets back into the vehicle and back it up into the couple's driveway against the house and out of camera range again.

Police say they can't confirm that the vehicle was involved in the burglary. But they do say someone kicked in a door to the Gents' home and stole several items at around that time period.

Two homes right around the block were broken into two weeks ago. Neighbors are fed up and on high alert.

"We have the best neighbors ever. He better not come back to this neighborhood, I can tell you that," said Kathi.

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