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Deer Death Trap: Neighbors Call For Protections For Deer Falling Into Canal

GOLD RIVER (CBS13) - Neighbors who live along Folsom South Canal are worried after several deer had to be pulled from the water.

First Responders have been called to the area at least four times just in the past year. Families in a nearby apartment complex that backs up to the water's edge call the canal a death trap for animals roaming the area.

"I'm just an adult with a child who gets scared," said Michael Scott.

There is a renewed concern in his neighborhood about the canal. This year there have been several calls to save deer from that water in their backyard.

"We definitely had a few this year," said Captain Bryce Mitchell, with Metro Fire.

Captain Mitchell says with all the land around the lake, the deer are drawn to the water's edge.

"You get an animal that can jump as high as a deer, it's going to get in trouble from time to time," said Mitchell.

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His team knows this canal well, they'll use boats, harnesses and even helicopters, depending on how big the animal needing rescue is.

"We've done rescues on horses; we've done rescues on deer and even, rodeo bulls that have gotten stuck," said Mitchell.

Years ago, a bull fell into a well along the canal, after hoping for a drink of water.

"When he fell in, he wasn't able to get out," said Mitchell.

The bull, now safely back with its owner, but now there's concern from parents, if a bull and a deer can fall in, Scott says it's possible his daughter can, too.

"As a parent, if a kid manages to get away from us, living this close to the water, I definitely see that being a concern," said Scott.

He has hopes for higher fencing in the neighborhood.

"It would be nice to have some preventative measures," said Scott.

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