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Community College Advancing Technology To Make Campus More Safe

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Los Rios Community Colleges have undergone technological updates over the past year to improve student welfare on campus.

On Monday, American River College reported that two unknown suspects approached a 19-year-old student on Myrtle Avenue near an ARC parking lot. The suspects were in a dark 4-door sedan, and the passenger reportedly exited the vehicle and grabbed the female victim, pushing her to the ground and demanding she gives him her laptop.

Once they got the laptop, the suspects reportedly left the scene, according to the Los Rios Police Department.

In an effort to prevent more crimes like the theft that happened on Monday, the colleges are working to improve their safety features on campus.

Those improvements include security camera upgrades and a new app, Rave Guardian. According to the American River Current, the Rave Alert system has been improved to adapt its functionality and ability to reach the campus communities districtwide.

Students can sign up for the alerts on their student portals.

The Rave Guardian app, according to school officials, is customized for the Los Rios community colleges and allows students to create a list of trusted "guardians" that can track their movements for a specified amount of time.

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