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Surprising Father's Day gifts with great reviews

Father and son playing piggyback ride on sidewalk
Eugenio Marongiu

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Father's Day is almost here, landing on Sunday, June 20th this year. Shopping for a dad, stepfather or other paternal figure can be downright difficult. Socks, steaks, shaving kits and "Dad of the Year" gear are common gift giving go-tos for father figures. However, there are a lot of options overlooked on the annual holiday -- gifts that can make more of a memorable impact.

CBS Essentials has sourced out some of the most creative, outside-of-box, thoughtful and surprising Father's Day gifts, all with top user reviewers. From retro cameras and turntables to a unique cocktail machine and outdoor pizza oven, these picks are sure to make him feel majorly appreciated this Father's Day.

For the do-gooder dad: Toms Trvl Lite sneaker


Shoes might not seem like a surprising gift, but once dad realizes that he isn't the only one on the receiving end, it will start his day off right. Toms Shoes invests one-third of its profits in grassroots efforts. Amazon reviewers give this lightweight sneaker high marks, with a 4.6-star review average. 

For the cold-brew-loving dad: OXO compact cold brew coffee maker

OXO via Amazon

Keurig coffee makers are always solid options for Father's Day. However, if dad prefers ultra-caffeinated cold brews during the summer months, this OXO compact cold brew maker is a budget-friendly option that will deliver his morning java with a major jolt. More than 2,000 Amazon reviewers have collectively given it an average 4.6 out of 5 star rating (as of publication).

For the seasonal griller dad: Chefman electric smokeless grill

Chefman via Amazon

Some dads are so devoted to the art of grilling that they are willing to go at it, rain or shine. Others aren't exactly keen on standing outside in the rain or cold. Who can blame them? This indoor smokeless grill from Chefman is an instant fix to that problem. The highly rated appliance features a non-stick grilling surface and produces much less smoke than similar models.

For the hygge dad: Ostrichpillow heated neck wrap

Ostrich Pillow

Hygge is a Danish word associated with coziness and comfort. If that's Dad's vibe, the Ostrichpillow heated neck wrap is a self-care essential. The microwavable neck wrap provides an instant de-stressing solution and can also help treat chronic pain, according to users. In addition to lots of great reviews, it has secured a spot on Gwyneth Paltrow's curated lifestyle website, GOOP.

For the dad who needs to block out the noise: 3M WorkTunes

3M via Amazon

Headphones are always an easy Father's Day gift, but 3M WorkTunes isn't your average pair. Formally classified as "safety earmuffs," this multifunctional gadget provides hearing protection, plus Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable entertainment. It can be connected to a phone as a headset and is designed to for use in areas with loud ambient sounds, such as mowing or blowing. Amazon reviewers give this pair of rugged headphones a 4.6-star rating, on average.

For the spirit-drinking dad: Bartesian cocktail maker

Bartesian via Amazon

If Dad has martini wishes and margarita dreams, the Bartesian cocktail maker can bring them to life -- even if he's not quite sure what the recipes are. It's essentially the adult version of a Keurig, making bar-lounge-quality mixed drinks via specific drink pods -- each filled with all the ingredients minus alcohol -- and then adding sprits from appropriate reservoirs. While it might seem too good to be true, 85% of its nearly 3,800 Amazon reviewers give it a perfect 5-star rating.

For the coffee-on-the-go dad: Stojo collapsible reusable travel cup

Stojo via Amazon

Your father doesn't need another "I Heart Dad" mug this year. Instead, gift him a beverage cup he can take with him anywhere he goes -- from a hiking trip in the mountains to his morning commute. What makes Stojo a top-rated travel cup? After use, the silicone collapses down into pocket size, so it can be tossed in a backpack, the backseat of a car or a briefcase.

For the crafty dad: Man Crates knife-making kit

Man Crates

Knife sets are very popular Father's Day gifts. However, few dads will anticipate a knife-making kit, courtesy of Man Crates, as a gift. The kit comes with everything needed for hours of knife crafting, including a Shawnee skinner blade, maple handle scale set, brass bolster set, leather pouch sheath and mosaic pins.

For the dad with a man cave: Personalized neon bar sign

Man Crates

Accessories for his man cave are always a win. This personalized bar sign from Man Crates will transform his basement, shed or other designated space into his own bar, creating happy hour anytime. And turnaround on this custom item is quick: Man Crates says personalization takes just two days.

For the dad with a lot of gadgets: Personalized wood docking station

DrapelaWoodworks via Etsy

This beautiful wood docking station, available in a bunch of stains on Etsy, has spaces for everything: a watch, wallet, glasses, keys and a smartphone. But what really makes it special: It can be engraved with a name, favorite quote or your own expression of gratitude. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and also the staff's "Etsy's Pick" endorsement.

For the old-school photography-buff dad: Kodak Retro Mini Shot 3

Kodak via Amazon

Kodak's Retro Mini Shot 3 offers a flash of nostalgia for any photography buff. The 2-in-1 device shoots and prints photos, while also connecting via Bluetooth to other printers and mobile devices. Amazon reviewers give it the thumbs up, with an average 4.2 out of 5 star rating.

For the pasta lover dad: Marcato Atlas 150

Marcato via Amazon

Instead of treating dad to dinner at an Italian restaurant, indulge the pasta-loving pop with his very own pasta maker. The Italian-made machine cuts pasta dough for traditional lasagna, fettuccine and tagliatelle. Cook's Illustrated dubbed it the "Ferrari of the pasta machine world." It's also a bestseller on Amazon, with thousands of reviewers giving it an average rating of 4.6 stars.

For the dad who can never find his stuff: Apple AirTags

Apple via Amazon

Dad will never misplace his iPhone, keys or briefcase again with Apple's newly released AirTags. The tiny accessory can be attached to nearly everything and serves as a tracking device via Apple's Find My app, which also offers the ability to name each tracker. In just over a month, the AirTag has amassed a 4.7 star average review on Amazon.

For the Pizza lover: Ooni pizza oven


If Dad lives for pizza nights, his very own outdoor pizza oven will be the gift of a lifetime. Ooni's pizza ovens have amassed a cult following of foodies, chefs and users, who are stunned by the gas-fueled gadget's ability to cook a stoned-baked pie in just 60 seconds. Consider adding a $40 Ooni pizza peel to the order, too -- this oven reaches temperatures of up to 950°F.

For the dad who is into pickled food: Masontops fermentation kit

Masontops via Amazon

He eats kimchi, he adds pickles to everything, and sauerkraut is his favorite. The Masontops kit is a beginner-friendly gift that will teach him how to ferment anything. In fact, four probiotic superfoods can be fermented simultaneously. It comes with everything needed, with the exception of wide-mouth mason jars. And, with a 4.8-star average rating out of almost 2,000 reviewers, it is almost a sure thing that Dad will love it. 

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