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Plufl: We are obsessed with this dog bed designed for people (and it's on sale now for Labor Day)

Plufl via Amazon

Good news for anyone who has ever dreamed of curling up in their own human-size dog bed: Now you can! Meet the Plufl. This gigantic, memory foam pet bed claims to comfortably fit you and your pup while you snuggle, nap, scroll on your phone, munch on a snack (or a bone!) and do whatever else one does in a human-size pet bed.  Plus, it's currently $150 off for Labor Day.

According to the brand, the Plufl is designed to cradle away anxiety and calm your nervous system. It's made with orthopedic gel-infused memory foam and features 360 degrees of supportive plush pillow bolsters. The vegan fur exterior is machine washable, and the bed is completely free of mercury, lead, formaldehyde and phthalates. 

The CBS Essentials staff is obsessed with the idea of the Plufl. Others have called the gigantic dog bed a "solution to a problem that doesn't exist." CBS Essentials managing editor Fox Van Allen firmly disagrees. "Not being able to cuddle up in a giant dog bed is a HUGE problem," he said.

Plufl: the dog bed for people

Plufl via Amazon

It's a pet bed, but for people. Like a sofa bed, you can lounge in it with your dog, cuddle in it with your partner or just chill out alone on the Plufl.

One Amazon customer almost threw out their own mattress in favor of this pet bed. "It truly doesn't get any better!" the reviewer says. "Listen, I almost got rid of my bed for this! The Plufl is so comfortable, and my fur baby thinks it's his! Whether it's laying down for a quick nap, or being on the go like long travel or camping, my Plufl is my go to... I've fallen asleep on my Plufl so many times when my bed was right there."

Another customer likes to use the dog bed for relaxing while playing virtual reality games. 

"I got this for a better solution for relaxing in VR than my bed," the reviewer says. "I am not real tall (5'6") so I fit inside this very well. The bumper that surrounds it provides both a place to prop my feet up or my head. It solves the problem that was being treated by pillows, but pillows move and are hard to find sometimes in VR. This is comfy and I fall asleep in VRChat sometimes now. So relaxing."

Apparently the Plufl is so comfortable, a customer shared that it "feels better and provides more support than my Tempur-Pedic bed." 

The Plufl typically retails for $499, but it's just for $349 for Labor Day.

Why we like the Plufl:

  • It can be stored away when not in use.
  • It's great for children, college students and people who want an extra place to snuggle.
  • It's machine washable.

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