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Inspiring bullet journals and gratitude journals for 2022

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Most New Year's resolutions center around a few common themes: Health, happiness and productivity. An easy way to track all three? Keep a gratitude journal. There is ample scientific research supporting that daily, weekly and monthly gratitude journaling benefits well being in a variety of ways, ranging from increased productivity to physical and mental health improvements. 

While the concept of a daily gratitude list may be intimidating for beginners, gratitude journals offer prompts, pose questions and basically guide you through the process of self-reflection. Also, keeping a gratitude journal can be fun – especially with the right one. 

CBS Essentials rounded up a few great gratitude journals to get your year started on a happy note. 

Good Days Start with Gratitude journal 


A bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon, this budget-friendly gratitude journal encourages you to write down three things you are thankful for daily. It also offers weekly inspirational quotes and an end-of-week checkpoint. And, call it a bargain at $7.  

Good Days Start with Gratitude journal, $7 

The Happiness Project Know yourself better journal

The Happiness Project

Wellness company The Happiness Project provides customized tools for lifelong learners. The brand offers a collection of "happiness tools," including this cheerful journal that encourages self-exploration.

The Happiness Project: Know yourself better journal, $25

Law of Attraction life and goal planner

Freedom Mastery/Amazon

With a design based on scientific data, this highly rated daily gratitude journal and planner promises to help you focus on priorities and master the art of delegation, enabling you to live your happiest life. This journal is particularly work-on-yourself intensive, with many opportunities to goal-set and reflect. If you don't like it, return it within 30 days for a full refund. 

Law of Attraction life and goal planner, $30

The Happy Planner guided gratitude journal 

The Happy Planner

A great beginners gratitude journal, The Happy Planner guided gratitude journal offers morning and evening prompts and spaces for general reflection. It also comes with three, colorfully laminated dividers, which can be moved around for organizational purposes. 

The Happy Planner guided gratitude journal, $20

Erin Condren daily gratitude journal 

Erin Condren/Amazon

This cheerful journal, with a laminated wet-erase cover, contains 12 months of daily gratitude prompts, a 12-month reflection-planning spread, and 30-day reflection spreads. It also comes with sheets of colorful stickers with motivational words to keep you pumped up. 

Erin Condren daily gratitude journal, $24

Erin Condren kids daily gratitude journal

Erin Condren

It's never too early to get your children centered on gratitude. The youth-centric journal introduces daily gratitude lists to young ones, with simple prompts and spaces for them to draw pictures. 

Erin Condren kids daily gratitude journal, $15

Papier Gratitude Attitude journal


Luxury stationery line Papier sells a bunch of fun gratitude journals, all which can be customized with your name. This colorful and option covers all the bases: daily prompts, monthly check-ins, regular affirmation and other little activities that keep you headed on the happiness track. 

Papier Gratitude Attitude journal, $33

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