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CBS Mornings Deals: Save up to 60% on weighted blankets

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This week on CBS Mornings, lifestyle expert Gayle Bass discussed deals on items that may make your life easier — all at exclusive discounts. Discover this week's exclusive deals below and visit or text "CBS" to 65000 to take advantage of them today.  

Disclaimer: CBS earns commissions on purchases made through Deals are available for a limited time and while quantities last. Prices may change from the date of publication.

BoneSoundz Pro waterproof bone conduction headphones: Save 46%


The BoneSoundz Waterproof Conduction Headphones allow people to listen to any audio of their choosing, from music to podcasts, without having to stick the earbuds directly into their ears (you position them right above your tragus, just outside your ear). The headphone's technology means you'll still be able to listen to music, but since they aren't directly in your ears, you'll also be able to hear what's going on around you too, giving you much-needed awareness of your surroundings.

These headphones are waterproof (the brand says you can swim with them in), contain storage space for up to 8,000 songs and have Bluetooth capabilities, so you can sync them up to your smartphone

Normally priced at $179.99, get them now at for 46% off, only $97.25.

Stupid Car Tray Classic & drink holder bundle: Save 30%

Stupid Car Tray

The Stupid Car Tray classic was designed to help keep your personal items securely in place in the passenger seat of your car. The tray stays still with the help of the attached seat anchor. Stuffing the seat anchor between the edge of your passenger's side seat cushion and backrest will provide a snug fit that may prevent your stored belongings from moving with your car as you drive. 

The Stupid Car Tray Classic comes with five storage compartments that can hold things like your phone, Apple AirPods, small snacks and more. There are also cargo straps attached to the tray that can hold larger items in place, such as baked goods you might bring to a potluck or a box of pizza you may pick up on the way home from work. 

Upgrade to the drink holder bundle and you'll also get two cup holders that can be inserted into the smaller compartments of the Stupid Classic Tray. 

Normally priced at $39.95-$49.95, get a Special Offer now at, for 30% off, only $27.95-$34.95.

Hush weighted blankets for adults & kids: Save up to 60%


Hush's weighted blankets may provide relief from stress and anxiety. The Hush classic weighted blanket and cooling weighted blanket are weighed down by glass sand found in the four-inch quilted squares that make up the blanket. The brand says the heft of the blanket may mimic a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation, which could improve your ability to fall asleep, reduce stress and more. 

The classic weighted blanket cover has a velvet-like texture, while the cooling weighted blanket cover is made of bamboo, which may help with wicking away sweat and keeping you cool while sleeping. The kids weighted blanket also contains a bamboo material and features themed patterns that your children may love, including Paw Patrol, unicorns and rocket ships. 

Normally priced from $150.00-$299.00, get them now at for up to 60% off, only $60.00-$209.50.

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