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CBS Mornings Deals: Save 33% on personal safety alarms

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This week on CBS Mornings, lifestyle expert Ashley Bellman discussed deals on items that may make your life easier — all at exclusive discounts. Discover this week's exclusive deals below and visit or text "CBS" to 65000 to take advantage of them today. 

Disclaimer: CBS earns commissions on purchases made through Deals are available for a limited time and while quantities last. Prices may change from the date of publication.

Dugout Mugs: Save up to 30%

Dugout Mugs

Dugout Mugs aren't your average mugs; they are cups that have been crafted from baseball bat barrels. Each can hold 12 ounces of hot and cold liquids and is double sealed to ensure that the taste of your beverage isn't altered by the wood.

The mugs are also laser engraved with team logos, including the Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs and more. Dugout Mugs' bottle openers are made of bats too, specifically the handle of a baseball bat. Get one or both to have by your side on game days, just make sure to hand wash only when you're done using them.  

Normally priced at $29.50-$69.99, get them now at for up to 30% off, only $20.99-$48.99.

Birdie: Save 33%


Birdie makes personal safety alarms that are small enough to be able to attach to a key ring, bag and more. When the button on the device is pressed, a 130-decibel siren goes off while a strobe light on the button illuminates. 

Activating the alarm may draw attention to you during emergencies as well as prevent danger from wanting to get any closer to you. Having this on hand may give you peace of mind, especially when walking alone at night or exploring unfamiliar surroundings. These come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from pastels and prints.

Normally priced at $29.95, get 33% off now at, for only $19.99.

Suri sustainable electric toothbrush: Save 22%


The Suri Sustainable Toothbrush is made with recycled plant-based heads and bristles, which may make this a great buy for someone who prefers to shop sustainably. 

There are two cleaning settings on this brush, including clean and polish, and battery life lasts for more than 40 days. Your purchase also comes with a charging stand and UVC-LED case that was designed to clean the toothbrush. You can get these in one of four colors, including morning waves (blue), winter fern (green), sea mist (white) and midnight black.

Normally priced from $116.00, get them now at for 22% off, only $89.99.

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