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Best Hanukkah decorations you can still get now

Amazon/Neiman Marcus

Hanukkah is just about here. There's no reason to let the early Christmas decorators have all the fun. At CBS Essentials, we're here to help you add holiday cheer to your home by way of festive Hanukkah decorations for both your yard and home. We found Hanukkah themed twinkle lights, inflatable menorahs and dreidels, candles that evoke the scent of the desert, plus Hanukkah decor to get your dog in the spirit, too.

This year, Hanukkah is finally getting its due with Hanukkah decor galore. And don't forget to update your menorah, too. 

Mensch on a Bench 


The sneaky Elf on a Shelf has got nothing on the Mensch on a Bench. Seen on the hit ABC competition reality show "Shark Tank", this clever decorative mensch also comes with a hardcover book about Hanukkah. This cheeky stuffed doll comes on a removable bench, making it easy for you to place your mensch in surprise locations your family will have to find in order to score their Hanukkah gifts. 

The Mensch on the Bench is available at Amazon for $30, reduced from $33. With Prime shipping you can still get yours in time for Hanukkah this year.

Why we like the Mensch on the Bench:

  • It's a clever way to add fun to your holiday.
  • Finding the mensch is a family activity everyone can enjoy.

Huxley & Kent Joy Vey stuffed dog bone toy 


Add some Hanukkah cheer to your dog's world courtesy of Huxley & Ken's (hilarious) Joy Vey dog bone toy, sure to take the oy vey out of your dog's holiday.

This super soft plush squeaks when your pup plays with it and its durable construction is built to last through the hours and hours your little kelev enjoys it.

Why we like this Hanukkah dog toy:

  • It adds humor to your holiday decor.
  • Your dog gets a Hanukkah gift, too.
  • This dog plush is build to last with sturdy construction.

Hanukkah Star of David lights


This two-pack of hanging Stars of David (12 inch) light up any holiday gathering and make it feel more festive. This light set comes with a wireless remote that turns on eight different lighting modes. These lights run on AAA batteries (not included) , are waterproof and feature 38 LED lights that can be set on a timer that keeps the light show going for six to 18 hours at a time.

Why we like these Hanukkah window lights:

  • It comes with two dangling Star of David lights.
  • These lights comes with a wireless remote.
  • You can choose from eight different light modes.
  • These lights run on batteries and don't need to access a plug.

Hanukkah string party lights

Voss via Walmart

Who says that only a Christmas tree can light up your space? These Hanukkah string party lights shaped like menorahs instantly add a pop of light and decoration to your home. These lights can decorate your walls, windows, floors, pianos, gardens, tabletops, fireplaces, doorframes, gateways, stair handrails and more. 

Batteries required. 

These Hanukkah lights are currently on sale at Walmart for $6, reduced from $11.

What we like about these Hanukkah string party lights:

  • These adorable lights are shaped like menorahs. 
  • They can decorate and brighten many spaces in your home. 

Dripless Hanukkah Candles


Now that you dusted off your beautiful menorah, it's time add candles. We like to think of Hanukkah candles as part of our holiday decor. That means no plain Hanukkah candles, and no drips. 

Why we like these dripless Hanukkah candles:

  • These candles are pretty and help beautiful your holiday decor.
  • Avoid the inevitable wax stuck in the menorah that dogs us every year with dripless candles.
  • These multi-colored ombré candles look like works of art themselves.

Paper Source Dreidels

Paper Source

We love the idea of using high-design dreidels as part of our Hanukkah decor and Paper Source delivers with their terrific striped dreidels. This set of four dreidels is perfect to add style to your table decor, jelly donut bar or latke buffet. We'd purchase a few sets to place around our buffet in hopes of a breakout game of dreidel.  Game on. 

Why we like these Paper Source dreidels:

  • We want our Hanukkah decor to be stylish, not kitschy.
  • They can be used as decoration or for play.
  • Made of wood, these elegant dreidels are more durable than the typical plastic dreidel. 

Inflatable Hanukkah menorah

Turnmeon Store via Amazon

Your yard deserves festive Hanukkah decorations. This six-foot inflatable menorah is made of polyester fiber and features built-in LED lights. It's waterproof, and can withstand winter weather including snow and rain. You also don't need to worry about air leakage from holes -- the zipper at the bottom of the inflatables is hidden and airtight.

The 4.3-star-rated yard decoration is designed to self-inflate in just two minutes. 

Why we like this inflatable Hanukkah menorah:

  • It's a fun piece of holiday yard decor.
  • It's a great way to spread Hanukkah cheer throughout the neighborhood. 
  • It self-inflates and its durable material stands up to winter weather. 

Hanukkah inflatable dreidel

Turnmeon Store via Amazon

How cute is this inflatable dreidel? This 4.3-star-rated piece of yard decor features Hebrew letters on each of the four sides, which together means "the occurrence of a great miracle." The Hanukkah outdoor decoration has two bright LED lights built inside to light up in the evening. To use it, simply plug it in, and it will self-inflate automatically. Simply unzip the zipper at the bottom, and it will deflate instantly. It'a also easy to fold up and store.

Why we like this inflatable dreidel:

  • It's made of waterproof polyester fabric, so it can stand up to winter weather. 
  • It features built-in LED lights. 
  • It self-inflates and self-deflates easily. 

D.S. & Durga Chanukah In The Desert candle

Neiman Marcus

This Hanukkah-themed candle will fill your home with the smell of cypress, balm of Gilead, desert juniper, cedar, saffron and amber, combined to connote the smells of holy land amber and biblical shrubbery. This candle offers deep and spicy full-bodied aromas to bring the Hanukkah spirit home.

This 7 ounce candle burns up to 60 hours. Neiman Marcus offers free standard shipping on qualifying orders over $50.

Why we like the Chanukah in The Desert candle:

  • We love the nod to desert and biblical smells. 
  • It makes great decor for your home or a great host gift for a Hanukkah party.

Williams Sonoma Hanukkah door mat

Williams Sonoma

Welcome everyone to your space with a sweet Happy Hanukkah door mat. This mat is woven from natural coconut fibers and decorated with fade-resistant dyes. Not only is it festive, it's also functional. Its rugged bristles absorb moisture, resist mildew and trap dirt.

Note this Hanukkah mat won't arrive until Dec. 27, 2023, but it's a great jumpstart on Hanukkah decor 2024.

Why we like this Hanukkah door mat:

  • It's a cheerful Hanukkah addition to your entryway. 
  • The decoration is made with fade-resistant dyes. 
  • It will also help keep your interior floors clean thanks to its rugged bristles. 

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