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Looking For Owner Of Great Pyrenees That Stood By Fallen Friend

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DALLAS (CBS11) - The photos are heartbreaking – a Great Pyrenees standing watch over a companion dog that was hit by a car on Mountain Creek Parkway.

Samuel Flores happened to be driving by when he spotted the dogs on Sunday. He immediately snapped pictures and posted to a network of animal rescuers on social media. Flores waited with the Pyr and the deceased dog (a tan shepherd mix) – as other drivers passed by – until a rescue group could get to the scene.

"They protect herds and their families. They're not aggressive generally whatsoever, but I believe honestly that was his buddy. I don't think they just met up or just started hanging out. I believe they've known each other for a while so it leaves me to believe they came from the same area," said Teresa Cleek, with Dallas Animal Services.

Rescuer Julie Fennell delivered the Pyrenees to Dallas Animal Services. There, caregivers gave the dog its first round of vaccinations and deworming.

Cleek says the Great Pyrenees appears to be between three and four years old. It is not neutered and has no microchip or collar.

But the animal shelter workers found signs that he once belonged to someone and was not born in the wild: a sweet disposition, trimmed nails, clean ears and clear eyes.

"I believe he is owned by somebody – that there's somebody out there who is looking for him," said Cleek.

Shelter Manager Teresa Cleek says he'll be kept for 72 hours unless to give an owner time to come forward.

"Oh it was heartbreaking. It brought tears to my eyes," said Cleek.

She thinks there's an owner out there, somewhere, but does not know how long the dog has lived in the wild. Great Pyrenees are large dogs, and need sturdy, high fences.

"I have a large dog, and they like to push, nudge. Things happen and things break. So you should always maintain your area and your fence," said Cleek.

DAS says it's also a reminder to microchip your dogs (a permanent form of identification) and file lost dog reports with the shelter. The shelter has no recent reports of lost dogs like this one, according to the manager.

Cleek says anyone coming forward claiming ownership will be asked to provide proof in the form of vet records and photos.

After the hold period is over, the Great Pyrenees will be taken into the care of SPIN – Saving Pyrenees In Need. The rescue group will place it with a foster home until a forever family can be found.

"Everybody is calling and excited. Everybody wants him. So we have no doubt he'll be adopted within hours if his owner does not claim him," said Harriet Holiday, a member of SPIN.

Holiday says, the rescue group vets any potential owner to make sure the dogs they adopt out get matched with the right families. Right now, they're in need of some foster families.

SPIN also has other animals ready for adoption, as does the Dallas Animal Services shelter. To learn more, click here for SPIN and click here for DAS.

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