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Texans Want Alamo Battle Flag Returned

Editor's note, March 15 @3:15 p.m:  Well, we're embarrassed.  As many of you have correctly pointed out, the "Come And Take It" flag did not fly at the Alamo.  That was the Gonzales flag.  We've corrected our mistake below and added a link to the "New Orleans Greys" flag.  And we ask that our Texas citizenship not be revoked for this blunder.  We regret the error.

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) - During the Battle of Gonzales several months before and during the Battle of the Alamo, Texans displayed a flag saying "Come and Take It," issuing a dare to Mexican troops.  Several flags are said to have flown at the Alamo during the famed 1836 battle there, but only one is known to still exist.  And now if Texas wants to retrieve the flag, we may have to "Go and Get It".

For the past 80 years the only remaining banner known to have flown during the legendary battle has been on display in Mexico. The 4' by 3' silk flag is emblazoned with the words "FIRST COMPANY OF TEXAN VOLUNTEERS FROM NEW ORLEANS".

The latest effort to get it back to the Lone Star State is being led by State Representative John Zerwas. The Richmond Republican has filed a bill to encourage Governor Perry to work on the flag's return, even if it's on a temporary basis.

Past efforts have come up short, but Zerwas says he's hopeful a deal can be worked out.

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