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Back In Time At Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) - There's a sweet spot on the town square of Denton that's like taking a step back in time.

Eat. See. Play. reporter Taryn Jones put on her poodle skirt and took the Cadillac XT5 to Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream.

Beth Marie's is serving up more than 100 hundred flavors of cold creamy goodness. They have everything from traditional favorites to seasonal flavors with a twist. They are making everything by hand -- the authentic way.

"It's made with love. It's made in a 1937 Emory Thomas ice cream machine. It's made 10 gallons at at time... it's 14-percent premium ice cream which makes it very rich and fluffy," said General Manager Margaret Rich.

It's not just the way it's made that's a throwback; the entire shop is a blast from the past. The checkerboard floor, marble counters, and shiny soda fountain make it feel like an ice cream parlor from days past.

"You get an old fashioned experience, like your grandparents had when they were growing up.

You just have the family feel when you walk in the door and they say welcome to Beth Marie's," said Rich.

Whether you get a banana split, an ice cream soda, or a big scoop on a waffle cone... picking out your favorite flavor is half the fun.

"My favorite flavor is the chocolate covered cherry ice cream," hints Rich.

Beth Marie's has two Denton locations but if you need your sugar fix quick you can also grab a pint at Central Market.

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