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Robbers Use Craigslist To Find Victims

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Caitlin Ramsey of Dallas did something that most people would likely take for granted. The 28-year-old put two Macbook laptops worth $1,400 each up for sale on Craigslist. "I just didn't think anything would happen, which was very stupid of me," Ramsey admitted.

Two men posing as students answered the ad. "They seemed legit; just like some regular college students." recalled Ramsey.

It turns out, there was nothing regular about them. While the two men were checking out the computers inside Caitlin's apartment, they made their move. "I turned my head to tell my little brother something and the kid shoved me, then took the laptops and ran." she explained.

Her brother chased after one thief, while her boyfriend, who was outside, chased after the other. "The one that I started chasing was throwing the laptop over fences. He was hopping fences," described Ramsey's boyfriend, Travis Word. "It was basically something out of a movie."

A witness who was driving by saw the foot chase and took cell phone video of one of the suspects as he ran down a sidewalk. According to the police report, the man captured on the cell phone video got away.

The second suspect, Rashad Pierce, was tracked down by Caitlin's brother inside a T-Mobile store on Gaston Avenue in Dallas. Pierce was held there until police arrested him.

Rashad Pierce

Ramsey said her Craigslist experience has left her with a missing laptop, a broken laptop and a lesson she soon won't forget. "I'm never using Craigslist again; ever!"

Police throughout North Texas say more and more criminals are turning to Craigslist to find their victims. In June, 2011, several people in Carrollton were victimized by criminals using the website.

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