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Protest Still Happening After Robert E. Lee Statue Removed In Dallas

Lee statue removed
The Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas being removed. (CBS11)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - After eight decades, there is a much different look on the corner of Hall Street and Turtle Creek in Dallas.

The 14-foot tall statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee is gone after city officials ordered it removed on Thursday.

Now those who live nearby say they're having to get used to it, and wonder what else could go the way of the statue in the future.

Robert Scott lives nearby and said, "If that statue is gone there is a replica of Robert E Lees home that stood in the background. What are we going to do with that?"

The group known as This is Texas Freedom Force is pledging to continue their protest of the removal as it was originally planned on Saturday.

Dallas police say they will be on hand to provide security at the event which is expected to draw a sizable crowd.

Police officials say they will not interfere with the protests as long as participants are obeying all laws.

They say they will act if they see people threatening others or property, or impeding traffic.

Neighbors say they are now bracing themselves for the protest.

Scott added, "I don't think they will be here in vain, and hopefully it's a peaceful demonstrate and cause because it's not about hate but about history."

Ed Ivey who lives in the condominiums across from Lee Park said, "The statue is no longer there then why are you protesting. What are they trying to accomplish? I think it's people trying to cause trouble."


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