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Pets Suffering From PTSD After Tornado In Rowlett

When we hear the sounds of a Tornado Warning, we know what it means.  Hopefully we have a plan in place to get our family together quickly and in a safe location. However, our pets don't know what is happening and it can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Absolutely they can have PTSD. Certain events in dogs lives can affect them for the rest of their lives" said Certified Dog Trainer Valerie Fry.

Your veterinarian can diagnose your pet and help you find a good trainer, or in some cases medication.

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photo credit: Premiere Vet Care

"Sometimes medication is needed, meaning Prozac or Xanax.  Truthfully those are really safe medications, they help a lot of that unwanted behavior" said Dr. Josh Cope of the Premiere Vet Care Animal Clinic in Rowlett.

JD Ryan is exploring PTSD in pets following the Christmas tornadoes in Your Hometown.

Details:  Premiere Vet Care & Trainer Valerie Fry

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