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Massive Housefire In Celina Destroys 2 Homes Under Construction

CELINA, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Celina firefighters managed to contain a large fire before it could spread very far after multiple homes under construction went up in flames on Sunday, January 30.

Posted by Jeff Hershberger on Sunday, January 30, 2022

Just after 5:00 p.m., Celina firefighters received a structure fire call from the 2800 block of Field Street in Celina.

Two or three homes under construction had caught on fire. The heat became so intense that nearby homes were threatened and that a grass fire was sparked to the north of the Bluewood subdivision just south of the Collin college campus.

celina fire 1
(credit: Jeff Hershberger/Facebook)

Jeff Hershberger lives about 50 feet from the homes that caught on fire. He said that in addition to the fire department units who responded, several of his neighbors "whom he had never met before" rushed to help contain the blaze.

celina fire 3
A Celina firefighter responds to a massive housefire. (credit: Renee Marler/OurCelina)

"I am still overcome with adrenalin and emotion that you would not even hesitate to come help," Hershberger said. "It also goes without saying that I am also forever grateful to the Celina Fire Department for their great job battling and putting out the fires as well."

Thankfully, the Celina Fire Department reported that there were no injuries.

celina fire 4
The heat was so intense that it melted nearby Port-a-Potties. (credit: Renee Marler/OurCelina)

Hershberger is thankful that the damage was minimal. He said that "the heat was so bad that we lost windows on the back of our house. The fence between us is totally gone and there are scorch marks in the dry grass and had those brave neighbors not been here it could have been tragically worse."

"Thankfully that is the worst of the damage and our cats are safe, which was my main concern in all of this and to the neighbors that came to help with the cats, I cannot thank you enough either."

The Celina Fire Department says it is investigating what caused the fire.


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