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Good Deed By Boyd Girls Gets Noticed

BOYD (CBSDFW.COM) - Kearstin and Celeste Cruz of the Wise County town of Boyd got some special attention Friday in front of their peers.

Earlier this month the sisters were walking into a nearby convenience store, when something caught their attention.  "A wallet," said the girls, in concert. "And it had a lot of money in it."

Celeste Cruz figured their find was pretty important to the person who lost it.  "I kinda thought she had a baby. If she had a baby, she needs to feed it."

So the sisters asked their dad to help them track down the owner.

After no luck looking on Facebook, they turned to police.

Boyd Police Chief Greg Arrington explains how he finally got in touch with the rightful owner.  "I found her through a library card, that's how I could get in touch with her."

Arrington says every character-building lesson is valuable, but especially this one.  "The reason we want to recognize these kids is that there was $1,350 dollars in that wallet."

Turns out, its owner had just cashed her income tax check.  "I called her on the phone first, and she just started crying. She was so relieved that it had been returned."

So Friday morning the sisters were commended for their good deed in a school assembly at Boyd Middle School.

Their classmates got to savor it, too, as teachers handed out ice cream for everyone.

Sweet payback - and proof for these impressionable students - that good deeds not only feel good, but sometimes get rewarded.

Word of the girls' good deed spread fast around the Wise County town.

Two charitable foundations heard about the Cruz sisters' good deed and gave the family $2,000 to reward them for their honesty and character.

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