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Eastern European Mission Launches Fundraising Campaign To Help Ukrainian Refugees

HURST, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Two weeks ago today, March 10, the Russian invasion of Ukraine started. Since then, Eastern European Mission based in Hurst, shifted one part of its mission to help refugees. EEM has a network of ministry partners in place in Ukraine, Poland and Romania to help.

"There are a lot of Christian organizations in Poland and the surrounding areas providing humanitarian need. So, obviously, they want to first and foremost take care of the physical needs. But secondly, they want to tell them about Jesus," explained Dirk Smith, Vice President of Eastern European Mission.

For decades, EEM has been supplying Bibles and Bible-based materials to countries in that part of the world, formerly known as the Soviet Bloc countries.

"Ukraine is the light and salt in that part of the world," said Smith. He explained the country has been open to allowing Bibles in schools.

"You've got Ukraine as this, really, beacon of light to where other countries have watched it so we're now putting Bibles in public schools in Croatia, in Hungary, in Romania, Bulgaria," Smith said.

As the refugee crisis has escalated to the worst level in Europe since the end of World War II, the mission group decided to include the humanitarian effort. The money raised will be turned over to groups who are buying the food and other supplies.

Smith said the refugees are looking for help and hope.

"Besides the humanitarian effort, the number one thing being asked for at the borders is Bibles in Russian and Ukrainian. So, we're printing like crazy. We're printing as fast as we can. And it's a challenge," he said.

Smith said they have some Bibles in Kyiv, but understandably can't get to them.

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