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Eagle Scouts Remember Ross Perot After His Death

TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — During his 89 years of life, Ross Perot was known for being many things: a businessman, a patriot, a philanthropist and even a leader — all qualities people say he developed as early as a 13-year-old Eagle Scout.

Circle Ten Council Scout Executive Sam Thompson said Perot was a lifelong advocate and benefactor of scouting.

"When you become an Eagle Scout, you are branded," Thompson said. "You're branded with that sense of community service, that sense of helpfulness and so many of our leaders are scouts who have never hung up their scouting boots."

Thompson said Perot helped with many things, including financing renovations at several local camps.

"He gave funding to be able to fund the awards the kids actually earn: the badge, the pins, the neckerchief..." he said. "Of course a nice little congratulations note from Ross and of course, we'll continue that forever."

Throughout his life, Perot had received every local and national volunteer award. And yet, Thompson said he remained most interested in the scouts, avoiding the "limelight and applause."

"As a matter of fact, when he joined our circle of leaders, we had to sneak up on him and surprise him," he said. "We had some kids there, and he really just wanted to talk to the scouts. [He] wanted to know how they were progressing and he wanted them to commit to become Eagle Scouts."

And being an Eagle Scout has been a commitment that generations of Perots have continued.

"We appreciate so much his leadership, his guidance, his dedication and the fact that he's led by example for these many, many years," Thompson said. "We'll miss him. We'll miss him a lot."

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